Pulau Tioman Diving

Jewel in the South China Sea

About Tioman

Be it sandy beaches, coral reefs, pristine rainforest or myths and legends of its history, Tioman is a jewel in the South China Sea, still attracting divers, snorkelers and sun lovers every year.

Tioman, once rated as the Top Ten Most Beautiful Island in the World, is visited by island hoppers, sun lovers, snorkelers and divers in the thousands every year. The marine areas around Tioman and other nearby islands, an area two nautical miles from the coast, have been gazzetted as marine parks to conserve and protect marine flora and fauna such as fish, coral reefs and aquatic floras from being destroyed by fishing and other human activities.

The Island is located about 35 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the South China Sea. Most visitors to Tioman depart the mainland from the port town of Mersing, located on the north east coast of Johor, the southern-most state of Peninsular Malaysia. Shaped like an inverted apostrophe, it measures about 22 km long and 11 km at the widest point, and has an areas of about 130 sq km, making it the largest island on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Diving possible between March and November.

Traveling during the monsoon season from November to February is not advisable due to the strong winds.

Bus from Singapore to Mersing, about 4hours.

Boat from Mersing to Tioman, 2-3 hours.

Air from Singapore, 55 minutes.

Tioman and the surrounding islets offer many exciting dive sites for novice and also challenging ones for the experienced.

Explore the swim-throughs at Labas, swim among the gorgonian fans at Chebeh, and visit the anemone garden at Bahara Rock. With a little luck, spot beautiful nudibranches and shrimps on your dives and see turtles, barracudas, stingrays, cuttlefish, reef sharks, bumphead parrot fish, moray eels and lion fishes too. Renggis Island, perhaps the most dived spot in Tioman, never fail to delight divers, even the most experienced.

Tioman Map

  • Tulai Island
  • Fan Canyon
  • Teluk Kador (Kador Bay)
  • Magicienne Rock
  • Malang Rocks
  • Pulau Labas
  • Tumok
  • Tiger Reef
  • Soyak Island Reef and Wreck
  • Roger’s Reef
  • Marine Park
  • Renggis Island
  • Jahat Island
  • Pulau Sepoi
  • Bahara Rock
  • Pulau Chebeh


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