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About Similan

About 50 kilometers off the west coast of Phang-Nga in the Andaman Sea lie the Similan islands, a group of 9 small islands that offer Thailand’s finest diving.(Similan means 9 in Malay) The islands can be reached in about 10 hrs by boat from Phuket or 4 hrs from Thap Lamu Port or Takua Pa in Phang-nga, so while day trips are possible, liveaboards are more feasible.

The area is a protected national park and the Similan Islands are famous for its crystal clear water and diverse marine life. It famous with both domestic and foreign tourists and also a place for angling and scuba diving. The area is a protected national park and though camping is allowed on the islands, most divers opt for one of the many liveaboards that frequent the Similan Islands during the dive season.

In the water lies a diverse landscape of deep canyons, giant boulders, coral gardens, caves and walls. The Rock formations in the area are trully beautiful and the are attract visitors like whale sharks, mantas and leopard sharks. A vast array of reef fish await, the giant morays may surprise you and the schools of bumphead will impress, but you may also find the small marine life like ghost pipefish and fire gobies to your liking. A dive destination to be visited at least once by all divers.


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